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Opening the middle

Then for a later theme, a lovely octaver on trumpet, then some descending chromatic arpeggios.  I'm thinking '70s Miles.  Great stuff and not too indulgent

EuroVisions @ CMAG

Ben's fabulous, rich, tempered trumpet tone and melodic intelligence; Hugh's superb Rhodes and other tones and his unerring and inquisitive harmonies and extended chops. These are two masters playing contemporary, sometimes minimalist, on occasion austere or exposed or flourished. 

Ben supports the Merce Cunningham Dancers at the NGA 

Trumpets and some synthetic drums played as the backdrop, fitting beautifully with the feeling of the expressionistic art in the room that followed on from the first performance space.

Unfound Places by Ben Marston and Hugh Barrett

Shaped by Barrett’s acoustic and electric keys, and Marston’s trumpet and laptop manipulations/atmospheres the music is evocative of places and faces just out of reach – It is beautiful work.

OVERDRIVE give Unfound Places 8/10!

“Unfound Places” comes as an artistic piece first and foremost. For Marston & Barrett, they’re all about expressing their imagination and initiative instead of making something that can allow people to let loose a bit in the mood. This is an opus for those that appreciate the art, and those that don’t will eventually want to dive further into “Unfound Places” when their curiosity gets the best of them.

Heavy Blog is Heavy Quarterly Review

Meditative, contemplative, the opus takes you through melancholic deserted landscapes, which the artwork for the album parallels marvelously. Thanks to the musicians’ experience, creativity, and talent, the duo feels much bigger than it actually is: notes come up from every angle to fill the aural spectrum and give a tangible impression of fullness. Unfound Places is a wonderful album to sink into.

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