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Being nominated for the Freeman Fellowship in 2014 and working with live remix pioneer Jan Bang are a few of the highlights of Ben's career.

Ben is one of Canberra’s most in demand jazz trumpeters. His most recent project is with drummer Chris Thwaite and pair released there first recording, borderlands in 2023. As well as the highly acclaimed duo with Hugh Barrett Ben also regularly performs with a trio featuring long time collaborators Lachlan Coventry and James Luke. These, in addition to his work with the Brass Knuckle Brass Band and solo work with laptop and electronics ensures he is performing most weeks.


He has both an honours degree in jazz performance and a masters in jazz composition from the Australian National University and has performed alongside the likes of Bob Bertles, James Morrison and Emma Pask. In 2014 Ben was nominated to the short list of the Freedman Fellowship Jazz awards and also awarded a grant to study in Norway with live remix pioneer Jan Bang.

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